Our Lady of La Vang
Posted: 07/25/2016

Fr. Peter Ai Dang is from Vietnam and is in residence at St. Agnes Parish. He was ordained to the Diocese of Baton Rouge four years ago. Fr. Peter speaks about how he remembers always being hungry and hoping to become a Priest when he was a child in Vietnam. After being ordained four years ago, he returned to Vietnam to offer a Thanksgiving Mass for becoming a Priest. He tells us that the poverty that he remembers as a child is still prevalent there. He had a thought about how he could bring Statues of Our Lady of La Vang to America to allow Americans the opportunity to help the poor in Vietnam by giving a donation for the Statue.

At the 11 am Mass on July 24th, Fr. Peter spoke about Our Lady of La Vang: When the King of Vietnam was persecuting Catholics, the people would run into the forest for shelter and when they got sick, Our Lady of La Vang appeared to these people and told them to boil the 'yellow' leaves of the trees and drink this tea. It cured the people of their sickness. 'La Vang' means yellow leaves. After his initial request for donations for the poor in Vietnam at that Mass, he wrote the following for Our July 31, 2016 bulletin:

"On behalf of the poor in Vietnam, I would like to thank you very much for your prayers and support. Donations for the statue of Our Lady of La Vang and Rosaries is $890.00. I will send all the money to the Priest in my hometown and he will buy rice to provide for more than 100 families, both Catholic and non-Catholic. They will be happy to have more rice to eat. Please be aware that there are many more statues of Our Lady of La Vang still in the Parish Office for your donation to the poor in Vietnam. May the love of God always stay with all of you and your families."

 In Christ, Fr. Peter Ai Dang